Production & Studio Work



Joshua Fialkoff - "Two Suitcases"

The Barrel Fires - "Run Around Years"

Muscle Tough - "Modern Romance"

Roxy Fae - "Quality Self Care"


Kingsley - "This Season"

Brianna Judge - "Wide Eyes"

Rylan Brooks - "Half Wild"

Ami Yares - "Begin To Begin Again"

Kingsley - "Kingsley"

Johnny Shortcake - "It's The Johnny Shortcake Show!"


Muscle Tough - "Magical Achievements"

Freedom Movement - "In Hope. In Love."

Eavesdrop - "Tides"

Carolyn Thorn - "Standing"


Michele Lynn - "Vilomahed"

Alex & The Kaleidoscope - "Gratitude"

Kanako Omae w/ Joe Trainor - "2 Ways"

Kanako Omae w/ Margel Overton - "Another Sleepless Night"

Kanako Omae - "Another Dimension"

Muscle Tough - "Trump Dump"

Sonja Sofya - "Patterns We Know"

Muscle Tough - "Greasin' Up The Mediocrity Wheel"


Alex & The Kaledeidoscope - "Get On Board!"

John Mallinen - "44:40"

Greg Baroni - "EP 1"


Ben Kessler - "So It Goes"

The Waywards - "Everything Is Contagious"

Alex & The Kaleidoscope - "Love Songs For My Baby"

Todd Henkin - "Sea Starved"

Tim Hein - "Along The Banks Of The Delaware"

Andrea M - "Smile"


The Sweetback Sisters - "Country Christmas Sing-a-Long Spectacular"

Geron Hoy – “High and Dry”

Arc Divers - "Eggshells/Follow, Follow, Follow"

Aaron & the Spell - "Sing"

Ginger Coyle - "Homeward Bound"

Arc Divers - "Wild Things"

Rick Rappaport Project - "Hope Running Backwards"


Dani McHenry - "It's in You"

The Sweetback Sisters - "Be Back Home Tonight"

Suzie Brown - "Side Streets"




The Bearded Lady Project

The Waywards - "Underground"

Lizanne Knott - "Bones & Gravity"

Joseph Parsons - "Digging For Rays"

Blair Bodine - "Phoenix"


Lizanne Knott - "Anthology"

Katherine Rondeau - "Unfortunate Point Of View"

T.C. Benjamin - "T.C. Benjamin"

Found Wild - "Found Wild"

Pete Donnelly - "Phases Of The Moon"

Two Of A Kind - "The World Is Not Your Garbage Can"


South Philly Big Band - "SPBB XMAS featuring Najwa Perkins"

Jamie Marx - "In Pursuit"

The Sweetback Sisters - "King of Killing Time"

Cowmuddy - "Say What We Do"

Rock Voices - "Rock Voices 2" 

Katie Hargrove - "Katie Hargrove"

Zoe Mulford - "Small Brown Birds"


Deadfellow - "Love Songs For The Contemporary Listener"

Joseph Parsons - "Live 2 (Band)"

Katherine Rondeau - "New Hope Chateau"

Joseph Parsons - "The Field / The Forest"

Birdie Busch - "Thunder Bridge"

Lizanne Knott - "Excellent Day"

Gillian Grassie - "The Woodland Sessions"

Micah Scott - "Dark Horse"


JoyToy - "What's The Worst That Could Happen?"

The Rosewood Project - "Under The Midnight Stars"

Matt Spitko - "At Love With War"

Reade McCardell - "Frets"

Madalean Gauze - "Sing"

Monique Canniere - "Preachin' To The Choir"

Arc Divers - "Holding Bodies"

Jess Houser - "Shine"

Friends of Gene - "Sing for Gene Shay"

Rock Voices - "Rock Voices"


Minor Arcana - "Days Between Stations"

Joshua Popejoy - "Come Back Home To Me"

Kwesi K - "Lovely"

Joseph Parsons - "Empire Bridges"


Kwesi K - "Pronouns"

Phillip D'Agostino - "Inlets"

"Philly Sings Philly"

Birdie Busch – “Summertimeless”

Dawn Hiatt – “Goodnight Boots”

Denison Witmer – “Right Behind You/Keep Moving Brother, Keep Moving Sister (Acoustic)”

The Sweetback Sisters - "Bulldog"

Gina Sicilia – “It Wasn't Real”

Lizanne Knott - "Standing In The English Rain"

Denison Witmer - "Denison Witmer"

Lacy James - "Circles of Swallows"

Birdie Busch - "Birdie Busch & the Greatest Night"


Ben Arnold - "Circle 'Round the Sun"

Denison Witmer - "The Ones Who Wait, Pt. 2"

Freddy Washington - "The Jesus Record"

Lauryn Peacock - "Fairly Busy Wife"

The Spinning Leaves - "Head Aglow"


Devin Greenwood - "Father Father"

Scott Pryor & the Common Sinners - "If We Set Out Now…"

Suzie Brown - "Heartstrings"

Sisters 3 - "Coruscate at the Meadow Gate"

Joseph Parsons - "Hope for Centuries"

The Sweetback Sisters - "Looking for a Fight"

Denison Witmer - "The Ones Who Wait"

Brian Flanagan - "Soaking all the Stains"

Hezekiah Jones / The Spinning Leaves - "Presents Hezekiah Leaves and The Spinning Joneses"


Mary Scholz - "Water Rising"

Sun Airway - "Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier"

Marc Silver - "Naïve Lovers”

Josh Schurr - "Sleep Like the World"

Brittany Ann - "The Good in That"

Birdie Busch - "Everyone Will Take You In"

John Francis - "The Better Angels"


Joseph Parsons Band - "Slaughterhouse Live"

Birdie Busch - "Pattern of Saturn"

Chris Kasper - "Up in My Head"

Phil Roy - "In the Weird Small Hours"

Zach Djanikian - "Geography"

Da' T.R.U.T.H. - "The Big Picture"

The Sweetback Sisters - "Chicken Ain’t Chicken"

Chris Kasper - "Chasing Another Sundown"

Shaun Moyer - "Ocean Drive"

Joseph Parsons - "Heavens Above"

Jonny Forbin - "Jonny Forbin"

Kelly Rourke - "Home Gypsies"

Compilation - "Songs from the Green Line"

The A-Sides - "Silver Storms"

Birdie Busch - "Penny Arcade"

Devin Greenwood - "Eye In The Cloud"

Steve Beigner - "As The Orchestra Swells, the Lights Go Out…"

Stephen Tirpak - "Who Cares?"

Michelle Bonilla - "Phenomenal"

John Francis - "Strong Wine and Spirits"

John Francis - "The Philadelphia EP"