"Ross Bellenoit's solo songs are full of tasteful pop melodies and solid guitar playing. "Human Nature" starts with a simple guitar line and slowly smolders to a raging finale." - KRCB, Bill Frater, Americana Music Director

"The softer, laid-back nature of his vocals creates a warm juxtaposition to his crisp string work. If you think the guitar has said everything that it has to say, listen to Bellenoit and discover a whole new vernacular." - SONGWRITER'S MONTHLY, Allen Foster, Editor

"I'm not sure I've ever heard Ross play a bad note. It seems like he always finds a way to take each song to another level, but without ever distorting the original intent of the artist. That's a special gift, and probably the highest praise you can give to a producer or session musician."
- TURTLE STUDIOS, Jay Levin, Owner

"...It's worth noting that Bellenoit, AKA Rolling Thunder, is a musician who leaves cocky guitar guys in the audience squeezing their girlfriends a bit tighter on their way out the door. Bellenoit's skills are a local legend."
- PLAY MAGAZINE, Tara Murtha

"...Bellenoit's (orginal composition) "Tria" shows his melodic and textural sensibilities as a composer."

"...Bellenoit's electric guitar playing stands out the most, thanks to a concise solo that would have fit in on a great radio hit of the '70s, back when they'd call in the studio pro to lay one down.". 

Since moving to Philadelphia in 2003, Ross Bellenoit has forged quite a career path, racking up impressive credits as a guitarist, composer and producer. Bellenoit became the leading axe-man for a thriving singer-songwriter scene that spawned Amos Lee (Blue Note), Birdie Busch (Bar None), Chris Kasper, and ASCAP award-winner John Francis. Since 2008, he has been making his mark as a songwriter himself, and also as a recording producer and arranger, having released 8 different albums of genre-hopping material, from folk to rock to jazz.

Raised in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, Bellenoit trained on classical guitar for ten years before studying jazz guitar at the University of the Arts — but Bellenoit is not the sort of musician who lets his studies do the talking. A spontaneous, in-the-moment improviser and consummate team player, Bellenoit has trained himself to stay on his toes, and to anticipate the un-obvious. "If there's one thing that I try to keep aware of," Bellenoit says, "it's the song's temperament. Regardless of genre, you have to surrender yourself completely to the music’s moment. Serve the song, and the song will serve you."

For the past ten years, he has been working out of Turtle Studios in Philadelphia, producing upwards of 40 releases for various local and national acts such as The Sweetback Sisters, Ginger Coyle, Aaron Parnell Brown, Sonja Sofya, and others.